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Q: How long does it take to find help?

A: Our team can usually respond in the SAME DAY to assess your needs and begin screening applicants for your family.


Q: Do you do reference checks on all of the applicants?


A: YES!!!! All of our caregivers have been interviewed and have passed an employment reference check as well as our internal verifications of their experience and qualifications.


Q: What are the employer's responsibilities?

A: Employers must pay the agreed wages, remit deductions at source in a timely fashion, respect labor standards and provide a safe workplace.


Q: What happens if we need to change the caregiver?

A: We provide a service guarantee, and we will replace the worker at no additional cost.


Q: How much does this cost?

A: The wages of a typical live out care provider range from approximately $13-$22 per hour, depending on experience, work permit restrictions and other factors.


This is subject to change. Since you become the employer, the care provider is paid directly by you.


Q: What are the agency fees?

A: We charge a placement fee if you hire a care provider that we have referred to you. Our fees are designed to reflect full or part time placement, and temporary or emergency care, and range from $150-$950.


Q: How do we hire a caregiver from oversees?

A: Our attorneys have been assisting clients navigate the complex process of hiring caregivers from outside of Canada for over 20 years. Please call us for a complementary consultation.

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